The 18th Dimension.

In 2015 I was about to head off to New York to work as a graphic designer when a friend called me up to ask me if I was interested in meeting with a company who was looking for a young designer to become lead creative in a global global accelerator based off of Puerto Rico.

I had never participated in a leadership role where my creative decisions/reasoning would be the final word. It had always gone through different designers/creatives for approval. Being a new company, it was building something from the ground up. After several interview processes, I was offered the job as Lead Creative Designer at parallel18. Three years later, I have worked with over 120 startups, in guiding their company’s brands, identity’s, UX/UI while maintaining parallel’s own voice. This is what we built.

Parallel18, Logo diagram. 2015.

First draft of P18 logos. 2015.

Parallel18, subprograms. 2015-2018.

The parallel18 brand.

Some of the icons created for parallel18.  2015-2018.