Lote23: Gastronomic Paradise.

In 2016 I was approached by a former coworker who was venturing into a new project called Lote23, a food park for an up and coming neighborhood. I was tasked to create the logo, identity, and overall user experience throughout the Lote23 brand. Through imagery, color, tone, and voice, we were able to achieve a “non hipstersk-hipster feel” for the brand.  

Primary Logotype.

The Lote23 logo was a long process that I did in numerous revisions. This thing had so many tweaks and variations that I lost count. Sadly, the computer that stored all of those examples got stolen, but I was able to save the original.

It is a custom handwritten typeface. Not too busy, not to elaborate. Almost a scribble. But although it is so “loose” the lines are very clean. No shakiness, no doubled lines. One single, steady pass, giving it a very pleasing appearance. Creating a balance that will appeal to Millennials and young professionals alike.

As I like to explain it “Not to rigid or corp for an audience like mom and dad, but to loose that makes me feel out of control.”

Creating the Space.

Since the beginning of Lote23, we knew that street art had to take some shape or form inside Lote23. The idea behind it was bringing in different artist from different parts of the island to contribute to the cause. An artistic mecca in all aspects.

As Creative Director, a selection of artist was made and a mural of my own was installed by the main stage. My favorite salsa singer, santurce born, Ismael “Maelo” Rivera.