About Me.

I've loved creating things since I can remember. My first drawing (that I can remember) was at the age of 4. It was the robot from The Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Alpha 5. It was horrible. My parents told me it was brilliant. I remember drawing things ever since.

Once I got into college I left behind my desire to make things and picked up a degree in Psychology. Although I hadn't given much thought of becoming a professional psychologist per se, I used the knowledge I acquired to work internships marketing agencies like BBDO and McCann Group. After graduation, I wanted to do something different, so I got into law school.

One day looking through my notes I noticed that there were a lot of tiny sketches all over the place. And so I started using my legal pads as drawing notebooks. One day a friend called me up to see if I wanted to help him paint a mural and I accepted. The thrill of painting again, letting my imagination run wild was an exceptional feeling. A couple of months later, I participated in the mural festival Santurce Es Ley. I decided to stop lying to myself 'n gave myself the opportunity to create again. I haven't looked back since.

Afterwards, I did a year in the Puerto Rico School of Fine Arts and with my previous agency work experience, I was able to land the role of Lead Creative Designer, at Parallel18. As their Creative Director, I created every aspect of the brand; from color palette, to company tone, logo design etc. while at the same time working with startups that go through the Parallel18 program with their design needs: UX/UI, branding, personas, tone, etc.

Currently teaching best practices in the field of UX/UI in Codetrotters, while obtaining my Masters in UX: Usability, Interaction Design and User Experience.